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Welcome to my page and right before you ask yourself if it’s true – yes, it’s me, Viktoria Goo, known from the wellknown GGG productions of John Thompson.
Now that you’ve found out that I’m that wicked German cumslut that you already may have seen in these bukkake and piss videos you probably expect me to share much more of these moments with you – and that’s the reason why I started this page here at Modelcentro.
You can expect some really extraordinary stuff that I’ve been shooting in the past few months and that I gladly share with you, my fans out there.
So, why don’t you join me on my perverted journey and create an account to see me going lower that you can imagine…?

What kind people would you like to meet? I’d like to get in contact with lots of huge dicked men, if I can chose I’d met them all together in a big gangbang 😛 Some women would also be nice, I dont have any girls for aything
What are your hobbies? Are you really interested in my hobbys??? Having fun, for sure, meeting people, music
What kind of music do you like? Drum’n’Bass
Have you ever met someone in person that you got to know online? Surely, where I’m living the men more like to get out for drinking **** only
A Party is not a Party without…. Good music, well made cocktails and nice cocks, for sure
If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? No stress in Ralationships. Having fun. Healt for everyone
If you were stranded on an island what would you want to take with you? My Mac (how else i could stay in contact) Latex. My dildos, for the case I’d be alone
How often do you visit the site? often …. 😉
Where is your favorite place to have sex? everywhere
Your favorite sexual position? doggy
What was your most extraordinary sexual experience? Getting cum from 100 men
What sex toys do you like? Dildos, magic Wand and some medical stuff
What is your favorite sex toy? my huge white monster dildo
What turns you on the most on a man? If he is knowing that HE IS the man (we don’t do talk about slaves, we talk about MEN)
Do you have a really hot sexual fantasy that you like to experience inreal life? I always tried to make them reality
What type of man do you like? I don’t have a special type of man I like…. But i don’t really get along with mini-dicks. If they are slaves, it’s equally
How often do you need sex? each day, if possible, but I’m able to help myself
Is penis size important to you? YES
Do you have a fetish?
More than one, but if you’d seen my profile, you’d know…

First name / Nickname Viktoria
Gender Female
Age 44
Sexual orientation Bi
Country Germany
Spoken Languages German, English
Height 1.73 m
Hair Color Brown
Cup size 112 E
I am looking for Males, Females, Couples, Shemales
Star Sign Carpicorn
Eye Color Blue
Tattoos yes
Piercings Nose, Belly button
Intimate shaving Yes
Appearance European, Long hair, No body hair, A Few Extra Pounds
Interested in Sex dates, SM
Sexual preferences Bukkake, Interracial, Nylons, Latex and Leather, Bizarre, High-Heels, S&M, Playing Doctor, Outdoor Sex, Anal Sex, Golden Showers, Deepthroat, Double Penetration, Sex with 2 men, Fisting.

If by chance someone interested in my SM-furniture? Are also in many of the videos to see, for lack of space, unfortunately I have to part with some things … �� If interested, you still ask the gallery guck “SM-furniture for sale” and you register! My Sklavenklo (for the removal of what comes from above, please bring a slave to the rescue) (the seat is placed way that is intended as the toilet can be set up as discreetly turn around, “Brett on it u good) My Schandbrett for head, hands, feet, u, rather smaller caliber, but it can be even without too much effort to adjust to stronger limbs. Ready to hang or just like that, but also mounted on pillars, with hinge closure u. To which I stand, I think you can see quite well, if you a view of my images videos u throw. As you can see, I meet again and again by users. And no, it is not always the same with a mask. �� I can even start a few times below lists lead to whom it is not interested weggucken: If you want to take you with me, write me. You should not have been genuinely meaningful arguments. “We want to fuck” I read over 99% of the cases …. If you want to fuck me just like me, then your tail should definitely be created so that it fills me If you like a slave, or other toys, perhaps come times in the enjoyment of my tail. Would not taste the scent of my ass I am the tail not really important but I would probably still have an impression of you …

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